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Marquel Russell hosting one of his Rapid Business Growth Masterminds
Hi, I’m Marquel Russell, Founder of Get Big Ticket Clients, and thanks a billion for stopping by.

I always love the “about me/us” page on websites like this because they’re written in the third person …even though they’re typically written by the the owner of the site.

So after Marquel Russell made several attempts to sound smarter than he really is by writing about himself in the third person, he quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write this page like it was a letter to a friend.

Which …in many ways, it is. Anyway – what do you want to know? I’m 33 years old. I live in Atlanta, GA with my beautiful wife,Vanessa.

We have 6 kids that love traveling, shopping and going to nice restaurants. I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for, huh?

You’re prob’ly wondering, Is This Guy Worth My Time And Attention? For many readers, my answer is NO. Here’s WHY:
First, here's some back story to provide some context:

I have been helping businesses grow and succeed for more than 7 years. You will see a ton of those success stories on this website and we add more success stories almost everyday.

People ask the secret to our success and to be quite honest, it wasn't rocket science. I saw a need in the marketplace to help entrepreneurs with the things that hold them back the most – implementing the proper, automated client attraction systems needed for the owner to focus on their true passion, and not the things that they are not good at.
While attending many events through the years and networking in general I identified a lot of challenges entrepreneurs were facing on a daily basis. 

Boom! Get Big Ticket Clients was born, and the success has been extraordinary!

Today, Marquel and his dedicated team of Client Attraction Experts continue serving and providing the highest quality Client Attraction System services from design to creation to lead generation. In short, Get Big Ticket Clients brings your business vision to life by helping you define your prmium priced offering, attracting your dream clients, and maximizing sales dollars for your advertising, giving you 10X results in a turn-key service.
Marquel Russell in Newport Beach, CA
Marquel Russell at his Cash Flow Factory Event
"I invite you to schedule a FREE personal one-on-one call with me to see how we can bring success to your business with the right type of systems working for you 24/7!" 
I started my online career back in 2011ish while running an entertainment company based here in Atlanta, GA. We were doing club promotions and my business partner was using this thing called "Twitter" and "Facebook" to promote the club. I had no clue what it was.

Then I was introduced to network marketing and after rebelling against the way they teach you to build a business, it was there that my eyes were opened to the power of online marketing and lead generation.

A huge key to my success was finding a mentor who was earning over $100,000 a month online and following in his footsteps(it took a lot of pain and error before I smartened up and invested in a coach).

But when I did, before I knew it, I began to capture leads and convert those leads into buyers and went onto generating over $10,000 in a month ($13,430.83 to be exact). That's when the world of internet marketing and digital marketing became real for me.
Marquel at a Private Client Only Event In Atlanta, GA
Marquel and the family in San Juan, Puerto Rico
After that, I start teaching what I was doing and entrepreneurs and business owners in multiple different industries took notice and started to reach out. This lead to speaking engagements and people paying me to
coach and consult them and in some cases their teams. 

After what I taught began leading to 6 and 7-Figure revenues for clients, I zoomed out to really dial in the process to work for any coach, consultant, expert or service provider and that process became what is now known as  "The Ultimate Online Marketing Machine."

A lot of people tried to convince me to turn our process into an online course so we could sell millions of copies, but that didn't intrigue me.

Mainly because I know that nobody wants more information, they want transformation and it's been proven that when an entrepreneur or small business owner works directly with my team and I, we've been able to help them accomplish more in 12 weeks than most people do in 12 entire months (and that's documented).

Over the years, our A.C.E. Method™ combined with our proprietary Ultimate Online Marketing Machine process has transformed and became the system for any coach, consultant, expert or service provider to capture leads and convert those leads into high paying clients. 

This not only gives them more profit and commas in their bank account, but it gives them the ability to impact more people and have the freedom to enjoy the fruits
of their labor.

The picture to the left is my family and I in front of a break taking waterfall in the El Yunque' Rain Forest in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico on a week long vacation. 
I've been told that I have the unique ability to architect marketing strategies and campaigns that convert leads into dream clients that pay you premium prices.

Since I started my online marketing career I've helped my clients, partners and myself generate over $10 million online using the power of the Ultimate Online Marketing Machine.

I'm irrationally passionate about helping entrepreneurs "build businesses that create TRUE personal and financial freedom" which is why our personal mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs to be in a position where their business works for them rather than them working for their business and enslaved to it.

I belief that "Wealth Creation Is A Team Sport" so I've assembled a world class team of amazing marketers and entrepreneurs who have also assisted with creating 7-Figure+ level results for clients they've worked with (some of the biggest names online) using their Super Human Like Marketing Abilities.

Working with us is like having a full blown marketing team that you don't have to train and you don't have to pay a 
7-Figure salary (not yet at least).

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From quote to launch, the process can take as little as 1 week.  Work with us to get results!
About Our Team
We are marketing experts who architect, engineer and build high converting client attraction systems to produce leads and high paying clients for our business, our clients businesses and maybe we'll get the opportunity to help you with yours!

Making your online marketing work is way bigger than just have a fancy website or sales funnel, so beyond just setting up your sales funnels, we help generate leads using our proprietary lead attraction methodology. That traffic goes toward targeting your perfect audience and clients through the process of discovering you, your products, your services and your brand online.

When you call in or request a quote or we connect on Live Chat you'll talk to one of us. When you have a strategy session, you'll have one of us because we know the ins and the outs of architecting and building wildly profitable marketing systems and campaigns that work consistently and predictably.

We've been doing this full time since 2011. Over $10 million has been generated through the leads, sales and new business that we've generated for our clients and ourselves. Are you ready to finally build it right? Are you ready to finally be able to generate leads on demand whenever you want?  Meet our core team...
Marquel Russell
Aundrae Gaskin
CDO & 
Project Manager
Bianca Pearson
Head of
Client Happiness
Carlos Aviles
Chief Advertising
Victor Glez
Master Of Design & Marketing System Development
Request A Free Quote & Strategy Session Today!
From quote to launch, the process can take as little as 1 week.  Work with us to get results!
Helping Clients Get Results Since 2011
Our team of Rapid Business Growth Strategist, Marketing Ninjas and I have been building automated client attraction systems to capture leads that convert into high paying clients since 2011. Our team has dozens of years of combined experience all designed to save you time, money and get you results faster!

Since then we've some of the biggest gurus in the business and personal development and our campaigns and systems have produced well over $10 million in revenue for our clients, partners and our own companies. Saying that we're qualified to do the job, would be an understatement.

The bottom line: We have the experience and the team to get the job done right – and we don’t stop until we do!
* Disclaimer: Results will vary and it depends on the hard work, time and effort that is put in.
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